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Proto Balance SSL

Have you yet to SSL-enable your web site?

Are your SSL connections overloading your servers?

Proto Balance SSL offers a complete turnkey SSL solution that can handle thousands of new SSL connections per second.

Proto Balance SSL secures your web site by -

  • Off-loading CPU-intensive SSL transactions
  • Enabling easy setup of https web sites
  • Handling load-balancing, high-availability and denial-of-service prevention

With Proto Balance SSL your http:// site can be up and running as an https:// site in only a few clicks!!


How does Proto Balance SSL work?

How does Proto Balance SSL do https?

Proto Balance SSL transparently converts incoming SSL connections into ordinary HTTP connections and then forwards them to your regular web server. You need change nothing on your web server! Proto Balance SSL automatically generates all SSL configuration with no prompting and automatically selects the most secure settings. Administrators that thought they needed to research for days can now have an SSL web site up and running in minutes! When you are ready to purchase a trusted certificate from a certificate vendor, Proto Balance SSL will generate the certificate request for you! - just copy and paste onto your vendors application form.

Proto Balance SSL also includes all of the functionality of Proto Balance. This means Proto Balance SSL can perform:

  • Load balancing
  • Transparent fallover
  • Live traffic redirection
  • Live removal and addition of server machines


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