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Proto Balance Mail

An SMTP clustering solution that solves the mail problem

US Pat App 12702584, EU Pat App EP10153117

Ask Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov: "Server maintenance used to cost us endless hours of admin time. After installing Proto Balance Mail we had fewer calls to our call center, a dramatic reduction in SPAM, and the capacity to add new mailboxes by the tens of thousands without ever giving a thought to whether our email cluster could handle the load. Proto Balance Mail did it all. Proto Balance Mail saved us having to invest in exorbitant hardware and now gives us an advantage over our competitors. Our entire infrastructure is linked into Proto Balance Mail using its XML interface."

Proto Balance Mail reduces maintenance and overloading by -

  • Reducing load to individual mail servers
  • Creating clusters from commodity mail servers
  • Obviating the need for slow shared file-sytems, SANs, NFS mounts, or SMB shares
  • Protecting your mail servers from SPAM, Bot-nets, and Mal-ware
  • Improving availability, reducing maintenance tasks
  • Scaling smoothly and indefinitely as your organization grows
  • Making your email cluster appear as one mail server

Proto Balance Mail protects your site from -

  • Malicious bot-nets trying to deliver SPAM from the Internet
  • Relay clients that have SPAM mal-ware installed
  • Clients that abuse your mail service

Proto Balance Mail includes an XML interface for programmability. This is a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) interface for integrating into your existing infrastructure. This means your accounting, CRM, and admin software can all work seamlessly with Proto Balance Mail.


How does Proto Balance Mail work?

How does Proto Balance Mail load balance SMTP?

Proto Balance Mail directs SMTP and POP sessions to particular machines within your cluster of mail servers. Proto Balance Mail directs delivery and POP-retrieval sessions so that a POP session is directed to the same server as a previous delivery session. This means that each mail server in your cluster need not share mailboxes with other servers.

Each mail server in your cluster is only responsible for the mailboxes apportioned to it. It need not retrieve mailboxes from other servers in the cluster.

This means that as your user base grows, you need only add more back-end mail servers, scaling on-the-fly and without down-time.


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