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Proto Balance Advanced

Denial of Service - Is Your Site Vulnerable to Attacks?

Proto Balance Advanced offers all of Proto Balance plus security features to protect your site from outside attacks.

Proto Balance Advanced protects your site from -

  • Malicious script attacks
  • Excessively high connection rates from a single malicious client
  • High numbers of concurrent connections from a single IP address

How many times should a client be allowed to connect? You can choose!


How does Proto Balance Advanced work?

How does Proto Balance Advanced safely manage so many connections?

Proto Balance Advanced records connection statistics for each and every IP address that connects to your site. You set the per-IP limit on number of concurrent connections and connection rate. If a remote connection exceeds this rate, it is automatically dropped - your back-end servers are protected.

Proto Balance Advanced also includes all of the functionality of Proto Balance. This means Proto Balance Advanced can perform:

  • Load balancing
  • Transparent fallover
  • Live traffic redirection
  • Live removal and addition of server machines


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