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Proto Balance

Proto Balance - Enterprise Load Balancing and Traffic Management

Proto Balance™ Whitepaper

Proto Balance gives power to system administrators by allowing traffic redirection on-the-fly. Proto Balance gives robustness to an existing server through load balancing with transparent fall-over. Proto Balance is high availability in a turn-key solution.


Proto Balance is a standalone software package that runs on all server operating system platforms. Proto Balance has a web interface that is so intuitive and easy-to-use, anyone can learn it in minutes. Enterprise cluster providers, Internet Service Providers, and network administrators can save time and money, and improve service availability, using Proto Balance.

Throw away those clunky command-line interfaces! These outdated tools require costly training and are prone to misconfiguration. Proto Balance streamlines all your traffic management into one clear and concise web interface.

Understand how Proto Balance can streamline the management of your:

  • Network Traffic
  • Software deployments
  • Client-Server applications
Improve your operating efficiency and enable:
  • Fallover safety
  • Load balancing
  • Hot deployments


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