Proto Co Networking
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Product Comparison

 Feature Proto BalanceProto Balance AdvancedProto Balance SSLProto Balance Mail
 Low price €39€149€269€65*
 Thousands of concurrent connections yyyy
 Easy-to-use intuitive web interface yyyy
 Load balancing by sender/recipient group nnny
 Load balancing by round robin yyyn
 Load balancing by least traffic yyyn
 Load balancing by least connections yyyn
 Load balancing by custom function yyyn
 Load balancing by hash of client IP yyyn
 Load balancing by pure random yyyn
 Hot redirect clients to other server yyyy
 Add new server machines on-the-fly yyyy
 Factor multiplier for asymmetric loading yyyy
 Return client to previously connected server yyyy
 Transparent fallover to chosen server yyyy
 Traffic accounting yyyy
 Traffic graphs day/week/month yyyy
 Table of connecting clients yyyy
 Email user management system nnny
 Email password management system nnny
 XML/SOA interface for user provisioning nnny
 XML/SOA interface for server provisioning nnny
 SMTP AUTH support nnny
 POP support nnny
 Relay client address-range provisioning nnny
 Email alias support nnny
 Email alias management interface nnny
 Email alias XML/SOA interface nnny
 SPAM Greylisting protection nnny
 Per-user spam control settings nnny
 Auto-reply/out-of-office support nnny
 Auto-reply XML/SOA provisioning nnny
 Auto-blacklisting of bot-net clients nnny
 Auto-blacklisting of mal-ware users nnny
 Blacklist management interface nnny
 Blacklist XML/SOA management interface nnny
 Auto-whitelisting connected recipients nnny
 Per-email-user delivery/access stats nnny
 Account connection rate of clients yyyy
 Config interface password restricted access yyyy
 Secure admin cookie authentication nyyy
 Layer 7 inspection of HTTP failures yyyn
 Configurable connect timeout to servers yyyy
 Display last server failure time and full error yyyy
 Add X-Forwarded-For: HTTP header nyyn
 Limit on client connection rate, configurable nyyy
 Limit on max concurrent client connections nyyy
 Configurable max time to hold client IPs nyyy
 Configurable store size for client IPs nyyy
 Denial of Service (DoS) protection nyyy
 SSL/TLS terminator nnyn
 SSL/TLS decryption and forwarding nnyn
 SSL/TLS self-signed certificate generation nnyn
 Auto-generation of certificate for testing nnyn
 Certificate request generation nnyn
 Importing of existing purchased certificates nnyn
 Importing of web site private key nnyn
 Password protection of private key nnyn
 Supports PEM certificate format nnyn
 Handle 1000 new SSL connections per sec nnyn
 SSL session cache and resume nnyn
 Cache millions of SSL sessions nnyn
 SSL v2, SSL v3, TLS v1 support nnyn
 SSL/TLS cipher support: RSA, AES, RC4 nnyn
 SSL/TLS cipher support: DES, MD5, SHA nnyn

*  per 8000 mailboxes per year
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