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Pending release in 2010

Proto Balance Mach - the Programmable Load Balancer

Summary: linear scalability and an SOA (XML / SOAP) interface.

Proto Co Networking will soon be releasing Proto Balance Mach. This new version of Proto Balance has a number of enterprise features that no other load balancer can boast.

XML interface: Proto Balance Mach can be provisioned through a programmatic interface using a simple HTTP POST request. You can add and remove clusters and boxes, and configure and interrogate Proto Balance Mach on the fly.

You can also build your own white-labeled solution on top of Proto Balance Mach.
You can also integrate Proto Balance Mach seemlessly into your existing provisioning processes.

Proto Balance Mach also features a new event-based internal architecture allowing it to have linear scalability up to 10,000 concurrent connections. This means Proto Balance Mach can saturate a Gigabit Ethernet connection while concurrently handling 10,000 clients. Proto Balance Mach uses the respective custom APIs of each vendor ("epoll", "IO completion", "kqueues", "/dev/poll").





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